Rules, To maintain this place.

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Rules, To maintain this place. Empty Rules, To maintain this place.

Post by Black King on Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:22 pm

Here is something we all must follow Or try our best to follow them...

1. No discrimination, no names calling, no sexism, no insult of any kind. None of this will be tolerated.
2. No public discussion of private matters here regarding PM among members. PM materials must stay in PM. Respect privacy of people.
3. No Bullying, no trolling and most of all don't go creating flaming topics to be heard. Be disciplined.
4. No discussion on religion of any kind. Religion is matter of personal choice so no words about it whatsoever.
5. Abusing the report button will lead to disabling of it for the particular user who abuses it. (We investigate in to every side of any issue that comes up so as to provide the best judgement)
6. No spamming.
7. Want to debate? but only constructive ones.
8. Keep it simple as much as possible. Neat and clean.
9. Though we encourage use of English but people are allowed to use native language provided they give translation with it.
10. People encouraging suicide and violent activities will be immediately banned and be report to the necessary authorities

The purpose of this forum is to provide comfort to each and everyone who step in to the forum. This is not a fantasy based forum but based on lives of real people.

Please respect the vision and the motives of the forum and its administrators and moderators and most of all respect all the fellow members. This is not just a community. It is a family.
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