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Post by Admin Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:53 pm

A warm welcome from The Comfort Zone crew. 

Please make sure to read our forum rules. They are quiet simple.

TCZ consists of the following categories:
News and Announcements  

  • Announcements forum that directed towards you (eg: site construction, newest added features, new contests information). This forum will be locked for public posting.                              
  • Suggestion and Questions forum that lets you to present questions regarding the forum, feedback and your creative suggestions. They always be considered my the high board of the forum (Administrators and Moderators)                              

General Zone

  • Introductions allow you to introduce yourself briefly including details depending on your preferences such as age, name/nickname/chosen name, what you do, reasons to why you are here, etc.. This is probably going to be the first place you will want to post.         
  • General Discussion is the place where you can discuss anything without crossing the boundary of the rules.  

Talk Zone 

  • My Life this is where you can share about your life when you are ready. Let it be past or present (or even future). You can open up always and we will listen.         
  • Relationships is where you can discuss your relationship problems, provide solution to relationship problems, discuss why they happen, etc...         
  • Loneliness, this is the place you will want to write if you think you are alone. But always know that you are not alone. We will listen to you, no matter how what it is.         
  • Depression, Are you depressed? Tell us why. We are hear to listen out to you.         
  • Social Problems, what are the global problems the society faces today. Discuss it. You are free to debate why and why not something doesn't happen. But make sure it is a peaceful one.         
  • Other Issues, this is where to post any other issues that does not fit into any other topics above.         

Thoughts Zone

  • Inspirational Quotes and Videos, share the quotes that you think that can inspire someone.       
  • Evergreen, this is the place of cheer and smile creators. Post your well wishes and birthday wishes on board publicly         
  • Success Stories, did you succeed in something? Or did you learn to do something new? Even let it be your very first piano lesson. We will like to know.         

Fun Zone

  • Contests, this is where you will face you contests. Anyone if free to participate. It will begin when the higher administrator announce of it. Until then the forum will be locked. *You earn can rewards if you win and it will be attached to your signatures*         
  • Games, start the game rush begin. Link in Quizzes such that you can post the results on the forum. It is all about enjoying.
  • Creativity   Mind Flow, here you can let your talents flow. Let it be composing, drawing, poetry, short stories and etc.

  • Entertainment - Discuss your sources of entertainment    

You can involve your self into all the above forums from the index.

Also do not forget to involve yourself in the chat box at the bottom of the index page or click here

If ANY issue regarding the forum occurs then please make sure to contact a moderator or Black King or the super Admin via PM before you click the report button.
*Abusing the report can lead to removal of the button from your user account temporarily (or permanently).*

Our vision is to provide the best of the best services and to help you with your issues. 
Please, make yourself comfortable and we hope to make your stay here a wonderful experience. We are here to hear because we care.
And do not forget to involve and enjoy too. 

TCZ Super Administrator
TCZ Super Administrator

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